Business Name: Rainflower Inc

Rhonda Critchley is a Mi’kmaw businesswoman, Indigenous artisan, floral designer, and practicing ikebanist with more than 30 years of experience. Born in Stephenville and raised in Stephenville Crossing, Rhonda currently lives in Barachois Brook, NL, with her partner Joe and their son Ryan. Rhonda is devoted to her family, community, Mi’kmaq culture, and traditions. She has a passion for the gifts she forages from the land and shares this passion with others.

Rhonda enjoys nature walks and harvesting medicines from the land. By living a holistic sustainable lifestyle, Rhonda models respect for mother earth’s gifts. Rhonda developed Rain Flowers Inc. to provide space for the community to learn floral art and to increase awareness and connection to the environment through foraging tours, design workshops, and indigenous florals like her Land Jar featured in the first Empowerment Box of Dragonfly Moons, an Indigenous-led social enterprise designed to strengthen Indigenous cultures in Newfoundland and Labrador. 

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